The Black Forest

Bolm-Schuhkraft Memorial City Park, Columbia, IL

Can you pronounce Bolm-Schuhkraft Park? Well, it’s a sprawling 44.5 acres park and is also known as City Park but we in F3 call it “The Black Forest”. It’s a perfect place for your morning workout!

The Black Forest is well stocked for an F3 mother-of-all beatdowns. It’s got benches and picnic tables, 4 pavilions with tables (really useful on those wet, dreary mornings), basketball courts, batting cages, exercise stations, horseshoe pits, a 1 mile paved trail, roller hockey rink, sand volleyball court, sports fields, tennis courts, and more! Workout Q’s can get really creative here!

LaunchedNovember 2, 2021
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Tuesday05:30 (45m) Bootcamp
Thursday05:30 (45m) Bootcamp
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